Monday, March 28, 2011

The Student Condition

The desk of a college student. It might seem in a matter of disarray, and but it represents to me the internal struggle between the passion to become independent and free from the limits of home, and the longing to be back with your loved ones. 

School takes up most of my time so it may seem that I might not be as in touch with my family and friends back home as I could be, but I think that the lack of communication can be made up with the idea that they know I am here on a mission. My mission here at school is to better myself for the future, in order to create a stable if not high standard of living for myself and my future family. 

I do have a shot glass on my desk, which is sparingly used but used indeed. I believe that the problem with the stereotypical college crowd these days is that they come to school to get away from home. They come here, spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to enroll, and only use it as a hub to reach some sort of fantasy party scene. I'm not saying that every college student these days is like this, but I want to emphasize that you should balance fun with classes. Work hard, party hard. To get an education to set us apart from others in the workplace is why we are here. It kills me to see so many fall from the grace that was the hopes of their parents as they embarked on their college careers, only to land right back in their hometown with a rock-bottom GPA and twenty thousand dollars in student loans. We can only hope conditions improve.

Laugh of the Day

Basically, the end of the semester is wrapping up. Finals week is coming over the horizon, and I must study for a logic test tomorrow (or I should say this) morning. Toodles.